Welcome to Altimore:
The Greatest City In America

This is the official place to find the Deactivated show.
Deactivated is a look into the lives of Altimore’s most exceptional citizens: its cops.

Even in the wake of our beloved former President’s decisive victory over crime, corruption and terror, Altimore’s Finest continue to play an exciting and integral role in maintaining the prosperity that defines “The New American Renaissance.”
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Deactivated is available from all the regular places that you get other legitimate podcasts, which I guess is Apple and Google? Or you can click the button below to download it directly from the website you are on right now.

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Attention sound lovers AND audiophiles! If you’d prefer our show divided discretely by scene and with significantly less compression, head over to this bandcamp page and download episodes in several high-quality file formats!

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But say you find yourself in some kind of situation where it makes sense to listen to the show using Youtube?? Crazier things have happened! If that’s the way you roll, we’ve got you covered.


that makes people who visit fall in love with its vibe. With the world-famous Inner Harbor; renowned aquariums and attractions; award-winning restaurants; a locally loved music scene, and hip and historic arts and culture districts, get ready to explore a truly authentic American city.

Altimore is also home to one of the most successful multinational electronics companies in the world: Claudius. The Claudius campus on the revitalized Port Sagamore waterfront is a hub of economic growth and veritable “Ground Zero” of life-changing technological innovation. Most of the cutting-edge gadgets that define our digital lifestyle are conceived here, under the watchful eye of company founder, pioneering investor and marketing genius, Claudius.

Celebrity Testimonials

At first it just seems like some kind of sci-fi parody thing you might listen to and lol about, but if you accidentally pay close attention, it becomes disconcertingly clear that there’s some super intense shit going on beneath the surface. Under scrutiny, every detail, no matter how casually relayed, yields a jewel both lustrous and reflective–though more often than not that jewel is a jagged shard of obsidian.

Panda Bear,

Probably the only truly feminist piece of entertainment produced in the last fifty years.

Nina Kostroff Noble,
executive producer of “The Wire”

Finally, a modern soap opera that turns all the tropes upside down, rewards repeated listens, and slyly weaponizes euphemism and understatement. And come on, you’ve gotta love those robots.

John Waters,
director and connoisseur of fine art

It’s like somebody got Borges and Verhoeven to collaborate on a reboot of Hill Street Blues. It’s basically the Cremaster of podcasts, but with twice as many jokes. If that doesn’t make you wanna download it right now, you’re out of your mind.

pastry chef-television personality

Latest Updates

  • Ron Trayski #1
  • 1. Essence of the Infinite
    A hacker hotwires a huge LED billboard, a medical student goes missing in the jurisdiction of a popular cybernetic sleuth, an awful heiress attends an interrogation, and there’s a trial. These and some other things actually occur in the first installment of our exciting six-part digital spectacular!

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We strive to bring you the web’s first and only truly authentic cyberpunk experience, but we can’t do it alone. As you may have figured out, we’re not backed by any corporations (like I said, cyberpunk) so please consider giving us some of your personal money so the actors can get paid.

All other inquiries should be directed to our executive producer, Dymuniad Diangen, who lives at the email address dymdiangen at gmail dot com.